A guide to building the Elden Ring Knight of the Golden Lineage for use in player versus player combat

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After having previously used all 18 Larval Tears in builds that I didn't quite like, I've decided to share this build with you all

After having previously used all 18 Larval Tears in builds that I didn't quite like, I've decided to share this build with you all.2-I would like to extend my gratitude to Fextralife, whose existence I'm going to assume each of you is already familiar with, for having such an incredible number of cool and fun builds and for motivating me to create my own.3-This is a NG+ focused build because the weapons I use are either obtained relatively late in the game or have high stat requirements. As a result, this build prioritizes high number of NG+ stats. On the other hand, as a result of its remarkable Quality scaling, it is an outstanding choice for the New Game Plus mode. Its attack range is quite good, it deals only physical damage, it is not overly heavy, it possesses an amazing moveset, and most importantly, it possesses the ability I Command Thee Kneel! AoW, which is very useful when used against multiple foes at once. This ability is particularly useful when engaged in combat with a large number of foes. You switch to using the Axe with both hands and run around the battlefield, one-shotting weak enemies with jump attacks, charged R2 attacks, stunlocking tougher foes with an R1 combo that makes them flinch, and spamming the hell out of our AoW whenever we see two or more enemies together, since all three shockwaves will pretty much oneshot most of the things we will encounter on our journeys.
屏幕截图 2023-03-09 101118.png The gameplay of this build is relatively easy to understand. We each carry a different weapon in our off hand, giving us a total of two. The first one is called the Sacrificial Axe, and it is the one that we will be using all the time (although only in the slot, since we will also be using the Axe of Godrick in both hands). This effect is extremely helpful, especially when one considers how extensively we plan to utilize it in the future. On the other hand, because of how much lighter the Axe is, I have found that it is the weapon that I prefer to use when I am running. It has come to my attention that the Golden Vow can be utilized as an incantation with a great deal more success than it can be utilized as an AoW. On the other hand, we don't really want to level any Faith with this build, and I have a feeling that in NG+ we'll need some kind of buff against certain Bosses.


So, we won't be leveling any Faith.


1. In terms of the configuration of my talismans, I currently employ the following setup, which I believe to be the most efficient for my build:We are employing the use of the Shard of Alexander for reasons that ought to be self-evident

2.  Because I Command Thee Kneel is our most potent weapon, we want it to do as much damage as it possibly can in each and every one of its uses

3.  Axe Talisman because charged R2 attacks are one of the better sources of damage for big weapons, and we want to use them as much as possible, particularly against bosses and other large enemies, or even just enemies that are distracted or haven't seen you yet

4.  Axe Talisman because charged R2 attacks are one of the better sources of damage for big weapons

5.  Axe Talisman because charged R2 attacks are one of the better sources of damage for bigSince we are a pure melee build that prefers to be in the thick of the action, we frequently engage in hit trading or find ourselves under attack from multiple enemies while we channel our AoW

6.  This is because the enemies in NG+ deal a lot of damage, and since we are a pure melee build, we prefer to be in the thick of the action

Both this item and the Carian Filigreed Crest, which decreases the amount of skill FP required by 25%, were vying for my focus at the same time. Having said that, after doing some research and putting this talisman through its paces, I found out that the Carian discount is automatically satisfied after the defeat of three adversaries using it.

The type of armor that you use will be determined by your preferences; however, you should make it a goal to have as much poise as is humanly possible. Even though it is an excellent AoW, the fact that I Command Thee Kneel has such a low poise in comparison to its more powerful relative Regal Roar is a significant flaw. This is because Regal Roar has a higher poise than I Command Thee Kneel. It is recommended that you use it with caution due to the fact that certain attacks will cause you to break out of the animation, and there is even a chance that it will cause you to become immobilized and die. Because of this, heavy armor with a high poise rating is recommended. It is beyond my ability to adequately praise. Hero is the starting class, but Vagabond is also a great choice to take into consideration if you're looking for something different. As necessary, but most likely somewhere between the ages of 25 and 30. On the other hand, both of these Great Runes come with a strong recommendation. This, in conjunction with the setup I described earlier, enables some significant sustain while wandering around, and it may even be sufficient for you to not sit at Graces, which prevents the world from being reset.

This was made possible by the earlier setup I described. Since this Elden Ring Colossus Guardian is, of course, completely ineffective when used against Bosses, Godrick is, in all other respects, the superior choice. The large Golden Vow can now be used in conjunction with Flame Grant Me Strength and other buffs thanks to this.